10+ of the CUTEST Otter Pictures

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Everybody loves otters. Not only are these little creatures just so cute and cuddly, but they are also some of the most photogenic animals on the planet!

So here are 10+ cute otter pictures for your enjoyment!

saluting otter
A salute
baby otter bowl
What’s cuter than a bowl of otters?
baby otter
Rescued baby otter
sitting otter
Take a seat
Otters kissing
Otters kissing
baby otter drinking milk
Needs his milk
furry baby otter
Cute furball
otter shaking hands in japan
Otter shaking hands
two sister otters
Two sister otters
otter meme

Are these otters cute or what?

If you have a friend that LOVES otters make sure to share this with them! Have an otterly great day!


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